We are open and accepting new & returning patients for in-house appointments! Click here for our COVID update.

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COVID-19 Update


As healthcare providers, we have a responsibility to prioritize the well-being of our patients and staff. With the best interest of the community in mind, we are taking all Covid-19 precautions in our office and are now OPEN for seeing patients. 

We request you to bring no relatives, friends to reduce crowding in the offices unless they are essential. We are also taking measures to expedite your visit. 

If you have an urgent need or have any further questions you may reach our office by either email (preferred) at:

or phone: 310 469 9080.


What are we doing to make sure our patients are safe: 




Rescheduling Established Patients and Scheduling New Patients: 

We will do our best to re-schedule the appointments at the earliest possibility.

We also are starting Telehealth services for both New and Established patients.

I will be happy to communicate via email, photos, live video and in-person consultations.

Please call us in advance and we will be able to help you with a time and date for such activity.



If you or your family member has any of these symptoms, please contact your primary care physician (PCP) or ER or health agencies:

Please follow ALL safety guidelines from CDC at: 


The entire staff at NeuroEyeOrbit Institute wishes you and your family good health and safety during these unprecedented times.



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