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Low Vision Aids Specialist

NeuroEyeOrbit Institute

Swaraj Bose, MD

Neuro-Ophthalmologist & Orbital Surgeon located in Cedars Sinai Medical Towers, Los Angeles, CA

Low Vision Aids

Low Vision & Low Vision Aids (LVA) Clinic

  • Low vision is visual impairment that cannot be completely corrected by glasses, contact lenses, medications or surgery.
  • Optic nerve disorders, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, stroke, traumatic/non-traumatic brain injury and other hereditary retinal degenerations are the most common causes of low vision.
  • People with low vision are not blind. Everyone with low vision has some amount of residual vision with their corrective lenses ranging between 20/60 to perception to light in their better eye.
  • People with low vision need vision rehabilitation. With early intervention and proper rehabilitation, people with low vision can be re-trained to perform most of their favorite and important daily activities thereby improving their quality of life.

  • The time required for training can differ from person to person, their age, eye condition and the amount of residual vision.
  • People who are specialized in low vision rehabilitation are called vision rehabilitation specialists and is often a multidisciplinary team of specialists involving ophthalmologists, optometrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and orientation and mobility specialists.

  • At NeuroEyeOrbit Institute (NEOi), we will examine, initiate and prescribe low vision aids to patients in need. Currently we coordinate with vision rehabilitation institutions and will be glad to help our patients receive advanced treatments. We have the necessary testing equipment, expertise and personnel to take care of patients with low vision.

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